American Diabetes Month Encourages Prevention and Control

Take Control of Your Health with Omron Home Blood Pressure Monitors

Bannockburn, Ill – November 10, 2010 – Currently, there are almost 24 million children and adults in the United States with diabetes and another 57 million Americans with prediabetes who are at risk for developing type 2 diabetes. Prevention and management is of utmost importance for all individuals in order to avoid the serious complications that can accompany diabetes.

Two out of three people who suffer from diabetes also have high blood pressure, compared to one out of three adults from the general population. In addition, having diabetes can increase the risk of hypertension down the road. Numerous studies have shown that cardiac events, stroke, and other diabetes-related complications can be reduced by as much as 51% when blood pressure is controlled.

“Given the strong ties between hypertension and diabetes, one significant way to manage the disease and avoid complications is through regular systematic home blood pressure monitoring,” said Jeff Ray, Omron Healthcare’s senior product manager, blood pressure. “Maintaining a healthy blood pressure level is an important part of preventing the dangerous complications that often accompany long-term diabetes.”

According to research from the American Heart Association (AHA), systematic monitoring at home rather than periodic checks in the doctor’s office provides the best way to predict the risk of stroke or heart attack due to high blood pressure by giving people the feedback they need to reach their blood pressure goals . More than 50 percent of people with high blood pressure who monitor at home show an improvement in medication compliance and are quicker to take action. With that in mind, it’s critical to use a home blood pressure monitor that provides accurate results like those from Omron, which are clinically validated. Omron’s products are long recognized for their accuracy and ease-of-use. They also offer a wide range of products that fit into different lifestyles and cater to specific personal needs, thereby making it easy to take blood pressure readings accurately. Omron is the number one brand recommended by doctors in the home blood pressure category, and it provides the most accurate results on the market, so Americans can trust their hearts to Omron.

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