Wrist BPM Readings More Accurate than Ever

The Omron 7 Series™ Wrist home blood pressure monitor now provides results equal to many of the leading upper arm home monitors, according to the country’s pre-eminent independent consumer organization. Based upon independent testing, the 7 Series™ Wrist received the highest overall rating, as well as top scores for comfort.

According to the survey results, Omron’s exclusive Heart Guide Technology sets its monitor apart from the rest. The monitor automatically activates when your wrist is at heart level, ensuring accurate readings. Flashing orange and blue indicator lights help guide your wrist to your heart level, making it easier to find the correct position.

Wrist blood pressure monitors are compact and convenient to use at home or while traveling. They are particularly helpful if you have a larger than average sized arm. The wrist cuff is easy and comfortable to use. All Omron wrist blood pressure monitors are clinically proven accurate.

According to research from the American Heart Association (AHA), the best way to predict the risk of stroke or heart attack due to high blood pressure is through systematic monitoring at home rather than periodic checks in the doctor’s office. Long recognized for their accuracy and ease-of-use, the newest offerings from Omron make it easier for people to stay on top of their blood pressure between visits to their doctor.

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