How to Relieve Sciatic Pain and Chronic Back Pain Naturally

What are common types of back pain?  You may notice many small episodes of back pain at first.  It’s possible that the pain may then lead up to intense back pain with spasm.  In some cases, back pain may be accompanied by gluteal or leg pain.  This is commonly referred to as sciatic nerve pain.  Any of these symptoms may occur after heavy lifting, repetitive lifting, and/or sitting for prolonged periods of time, especially with poor postural habits.

Remember that there are both natural and medicinal options for back pain treatment.SciaticBackPain

If you are concerned about taking too much medicine, it’s good to know that there are a number of drug-free options available.

One of the most important ways to treat back pain naturally is to address your posture.  Sitting upright in a chair and using a lumbar support can help to relieve back pain.  Make sure that you assess your desk at work, your computer use at home, and how you sit in your car or on public transportation.  It is also important to move out of the sitting position as frequently as every 15 minutes, especially if your pain is acute.

Bed rest may help acute back pain, but make sure it is for no more than 2-3 days.  If you are experiencing back and leg pain, find a position that minimizes or eliminates leg pain.

Many people use heat or ice to relieve pain.  These modalities can decrease the perception of muscle aches, pain, and stiffness, allowing for greater comfort.  Try using heat or ice applied to the low back for 10-15 minutes.

TENS therapy is another way to relieve low back pain.  TENS (transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation) units can be purchased online and over the counter at stores to provide temporary pain relief.  TENS is the use of electrical impulses delivered by a TENS unit via TENS electrodes placed on the skin in order to create alterations in pain perception.  A home TENS unit is easy to use for symptomatic pain relief including joint pain and muscle pain.  The electrical impulses from the TENS unit excite the sensory nerves.  This can provide varying degrees of pain relief by activating the body’s natural pain relieving system and/or the nervous system’s ability to use the electrical impulses to interfere with the pain messages being sent to the brain.

Any of the above listed treatments can help to provide back pain relief and sciatic nerve pain relief, and it is highly recommended that you speak with your healthcare provider in order to initiate the proper treatment regimen for your back.  Start taking care of your back pain now!

By Kathleen Prampin, PT (Physical Therapist), MPT, OCS, Cert. MDT, COMT