Global Leader In TENS Pain Management Introduces New Pain Relief Pro

Omron’s Electrotherapy Empowers the User with More Pain Relieving Choices

LAKE FOREST, Ill. (JANUARY 28, 2014) – Omron Healthcare, Inc., a global leader in TENS pain relief for more than 20 years, announced today its new Pain Relief ProTM electroTHERAPY unit (PM3031). Users can find relief from stiff, achy and sore muscle and joint pain in about 15 minutes*. Its versatility delivers more settings and more power for more relief with 10 power levels and eight pre-set modes.

Electrotherapy TENS units are a prescription-free pain relief option recommended by professionals and favored by a growing number of acute and chronic pain sufferers. TENS, which stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation, uses gentle pulses to stimulate nearby nerves and is thought to scramble pain messages to the brain, stimulate the production of endorphins (the body’s natural pain reliever) and improve blood circulation. This drug-free pain relief tool, which can be purchased over the counter, is safe and effective to help users manage pain.

The new Pain Relief Pro is being introduced during the height of cold winter weather for many parts of the United States, when people are feeling pain from activities like shoveling snow, carrying wood for fires or simply resolving to get back into the gym. Muscle and joint pains are frequent problems for many people throughout the year, but during colder months, pain prone areas become more inflamed due to temperature, wind, humidity, precipitation and barometric pressure changes.

“We developed the new Pain Relief Pro with our customers in mind. They wanted more options for every day pain management. The result is a small but powerful device that’s simple to use and easily customized for quick relief,” said Maureen Perou, Senior Product Manager, Omron Healthcare, Inc. “With an intuitive design that has more pain modes, power levels of intensity and now a massage feature, this smartphone sized unit can be the difference between staying home in bed or getting up and getting out of the house.”

More Variety for Ultimate Pain Relief
The new Pain Relief Pro includes five pre-set pain modes (arm, lower back, leg, foot and joint) and three massage modes (tap, knead, rub) to target the most common problem spots. Ten power levels of intensity allow users to create a personalized experience.

Comfortable in the hand, the device is about the size of a smartphone and features an easy-to-read LCD screen and intuitive navigation controls. Its portable size means you can use it anywhere in the comfort of your home, share it with others in the family, or even take it to work or use while traveling. A carrying pouch is included for easy storage.

Put an End to Pain
Stopping pain before it starts should be a first course of action if possible. Easy tips for preventing lower back and joint pain include:

· When lifting, always bend your knees and keep the object close to your body. Utilize safe lifting techniques, such as lifting with your legs and not your back, at all times.
· Maintain a healthy weight to help keep your body healthy and avoid putting extra weight on joints.
· Warm up and stretch before doing any physical tasks.
· Stay hydrated to keep your bodily processes operating effectively.
· While improper exercising techniques can cause pain, exercising and strengthening the muscles that support your knees and back can ultimately keep you healthier longer.
· Wear protective gear, such as pad kneelers, back braces, or wrap-around kneepads, if you know you will be using certain parts of your body extensively.

Where to Buy
The Pain Relief Pro is FDA cleared and available in the U.S. without a prescription. Find it now at Omron’s online store and soon at retailers including Walgreens, CVS and Amazon. Suggested retail price is $69.99.

Omron’s pain management line also includes Electrotherapy for Pain Relief (PM3030) which was launched in September 2012 ($49.99). The Pain Relief Pro and Electrotherapy Pain Relief come with standard sized Long Life Pads™. Long Life Pad refills are available in both standard ($19.99 a pair) and large sizes ($24.99 a pair). For more information, visit


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*Results vary per individual.