Omron Healthcare Introduces new Alvita Ultimate Pedometer

New Technology Makes Counting Steps Easier and More Accurate This Spring

 LAKE FOREST, Ill. March 4, 2014 – Today Omron Healthcare, Inc., a leader in personal wellness products, launched the Alvita Ultimate Pedometer, which replaces its popular HJ-112 model. The new pedometer uses Tri-Axis technology to count steps accurately almost anywhere the device is positioned, including the hip, pocket or a purse. It has four activity modes for both regular and aerobic activities, and stores up to seven days of information on the display.

Research shows using a pedometer can increase physical activity1 and be a great motivational tool to help people reach 10,000 steps a day. Smaller than previous models but with a large easy-to-read screen, the Alvita Ultimate Pedometer is the perfect companion to help users achieve their physical activity goals.

“Exercise enthusiasts have counted on our Dual-Axis HJ-112 model for 10 years, so we knew we had to make the Alvita the best new pedometer on the market,” said Jill Person, Product Marketing Manager, Fitness, Omron Healthcare, Inc. “Our goal is to make counting steps easy and enjoyable, which is why the Tri-Axis technology is so fantastic – it keeps track of your movements no matter where it is on your body.”

The Alvita Ultimate Pedometer is equipped with several features that make it easier than ever to know how many steps you have taken and how many calories you have burned, including:

  • Accuracy: Tri-Axis technology allows users to place the pedometer wherever it’s most comfortable. Steps will be measured accurately whether positioned at the hip, in a pocket or purse.
  • Auto Stride: This new feature makes set-up a breeze because the pedometer automatically calculates your stride based on your height and weight inputs.
  • Four Tracking Modes: To motivate users to go a little further every day, this model tracks normal steps, aerobic “brisk” steps, distance and calories burned.
  • Automatic Reset: The slate gets wiped clean each day at midnight, which means tracking daily steps and distance is automatic and easy.
  • 7-Day Memory: This model stores up to seven days of information so users can track progress over time.
  • Accessories: Comes with a clock, strap, clip and holder. Battery included.

 The Alvita Ultimate Pedometer is available in two colors – blue and light gray – for a suggested retail price of $29.99.

Success Story: Omron Employee Reaches 10 Million Steps in 2013

Omron employee Harold Nichols weighed 264 pounds and had high blood pressure in 2008.  His doctor prescribed medication and exercise, and Harold committed to changing his lifestyle. He successfully lost and has kept off 60 pounds thanks to changes in his diet and walking daily for exercise. From day one of his journey, Harold tracked his steps with an Omron pedometer. Six years later, he averages 22,000 steps a day and achieved a major milestone in December 2013 when he reached 10,177,882 total steps.

“Working at Omron taught me that increasing your steps, and trying to reach 10,000 each day, can lead to good things like weight loss,” said Nichols. “I guess I had to see it to believe it. Once I started tracking my steps, I saw immediate changes in my health and weight. My Omron pedometer gave me the motivation I needed to keep counting and working towards my goals.”

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