Stay On Track With Your New Years Resolutions

Ramona smallCelebrity Trainer Ramona Braganza Offers 5 Ways to Help You Stick with Your Fitness Routine

Whether you have a hectic schedule or winter is putting a damper on your outdoor exercise, it’s hard to stick with a fitness or exercise routine.  Our friend Ramona Braganza – trainer for celebrities such as Eva Mendez, Zac Effron, and Kate Beckinsale – offers motivational tips that can get anyone off the couch and moving.

Visualize Success: Look at yourself in a full-length mirror. Decide what needs to be improved upon and get excited to do so! Visualize your results and what you want your body to look like in pictures. For example, in Hollywood when a client is about to appear as a superhero in a cat suit, they go for a fitting before they shoot the movie to see how they will look. Consider this your fitting, and plan to tackle those areas so you know where to focus.

Find The Holes In Your Schedule: Use a calendar app on your smartphone or a little black book and write down daily workouts or calorie-burning moments for a week.  Then look at where you can add work outs, more distance and longer routines to keep yourself motivated and burning more calories. Journaling helps keep you organized and accountable.

Let It Be Known: Tell family, friends or colleagues your plan and ask for help to stay accountable. Invite friends and family to participate with you for extra motivation. Gaining support from those around you will help you stay on track.

Step it Up:  Walking 60 minutes daily and burn between 1700 to 2000 calories per week. Research shows using a pedometer, like the Alvita Ultimate, can increase physical activity and help you get an extra 2,000 steps or about 1 mile per day.

Rest To Rev Your Metabolism: Your body clock regulates your metabolism and with increased activity, your body needs the rest to rejuvenate. Disrupting your body’s need for sleep can have a huge effect on your health, increase hunger and age you quicker. Bottom line – 8 hours a night is best.