Long Life Pads – Large

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Versatile and reusable, Large Long Life Pads can be used with all of the OMRON TENS units (PM3031CAN, PM3032CAN). When used with each of the units, Long Life Pads empower you with a drug-free, at-home solution to manage stiff or sore muscles and joint pain. With these larger pads, you can experience extended pain relief in more areas of the body more easily

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Until now, managing pain in larger areas of the body was difficult—it required multiple sessions or pads to cover the entire area. Large Long Life Pads, part of the OMRON Electrotherapy Pain Relief unit (PM3031CAN, PM3032CAN), allow you to get fast, comfortable relief and get back to doing what you love. This is a convenient, safe and easy way to take control of back and hip pain quickly.

Large Long Life Pads Reusable up to 150 Times

OMRON’S Long Life Pads are durable, comfortable and gently adhere to your skin. They are versatile and designed for larger muscles like backs, hips and thighs. The electrode cords snap easily into place on each pad. Our extensive testing and research has shown that Long Life Pads may be reused up to 150 times or for five months.

Cleaning and Storage

When you’re not using your Large Long Life pads, place them on the pad holder (one on each side) adhesive side down. Wrap the electrode cords around the pad holder and store in a cool, dry place.

If the adhesive becomes dirty and/or the pads are not adhering to your skin securely, you may wash your Large Long Life pads. Use your fingertips to gently rinse under cold water. DO NOT use a sponge, cloth, detergents, chemicals or soap as these agents can affect the adhesive. Air dry pads and do not wipe with paper or cloth. Pads can be washed up to 10 times.

TENS Therapy for Multiple Pains

The Large Long Life Pads can be placed on many different body parts—these pads are specifically designed to provide relief to larger areas of the body. Long Life Pads are for adult use only and meant to be used by one person. If you are sharing a device, purchase multiple sets of pads for each user.


  • Pads specifically designed for larger muscles areas of the body (back, hips, thighs) Measurements: 4.75″ H x 3″ W
  • Pre-gelled, self-stick pads provide comfortable pain relief
  • Reusable up to 150 times (or for 5 months)
  • Washable up to 10 times (see manual for instructions)
  • FDA cleared (safe and effective)
  • Includes sturdy plastic holder for storage
  • 30-day warranty (pads only)
  • Pad refills available for purchase
  • Fits OMRON TENS units only

Product Info

In Box

Two Large Long Life Pads with snap connection and instruction manual.



Limited Warranty

The Long Life Pads are warranted for 30 days. The above warranties extend only to the original retail purchaser. We will, at our option, replace without charge, any unit covered by the above warranty. Replacement is our only responsibility and your only remedy under the above warranties.